Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still Here

Well, the summer has passed by, and I have neglected this blog the whole while. We are still here, working with the garden and animals, but the fire repair has taken up most of our time and attention. While we were busy, the quail grew up! They live outdoors in a tractor made for them by Mr. UrbanSuburban. If we keep a few quail in the pen, several others can wander about outside. They prefer to be together at all times, and especially at night. As evening approaches, the birds in the pen call the adventurers back home.

The birds enter the pen through this mesh funnel. Earlier in the season an adolescent opossum fit its way through, so now we cover the entrance after night fall.

This is our first year with quail, and we have found them to be entirely charming. No eggs yet though. -Polly

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