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Why Didn't I think of This? #2

We use a homemade cloth bag for our bread. I stitched the letters onto a piece of cloth cut from a hand me down shirt. A plastic bread bag served as the pattern to sew up the rectangle. There have been some really nice cloth bread bags on two of my favorite blogs recently. See them here and here. This is a very easy and good idea. It makes me happy to handle this bag. Before our bag was put into use, I was using a reused plastic bread bag with a wrinkled wax paper layer around the bread. This is better. -Polly

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why didn't I think of this? #1

There are so many people sharing their ideas online that I daily learn something new. Here is my own idea to start with. My most used recipes are taped onto the inside of a cupboard for quick reference. They don't look fancy, but then the door is usually closed. -Polly

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